Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Brief Tidbit About Me AND First Post!

Hey yal!

So...  I figured I'd try out blogging.  I'm 20 years old, an Environmental Health Major at UGA, and I LOVVEEE the outdoors.  I just finished doing a 365 project (all on facebook) and have been craving something similar.  I figured blogging would be a good alternative.

    First post:

    So I recently got told that my job as an outdoor trip leader may be coming to a close.  SADDD I know, I'm going to miss everyone, and all the good times, but I figured I'd make this post to commemorate all the good times!

    Yep!  That's been me with GORP!
    Take it easy yal!

    I've got another shot!  What a perfect way to start spring break!

    ANNNNNDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alhumdulilah, I got the job!

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