Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adventures from a test week (not finals)

So during this photo period I think I had 2 tests, a paper due, a lab final, a presentation on the paper, and a Physics test at the end of the week... Which is why the material is both so random, and why I am now coming back to it a month later... I was SUPER busy...

Danielle!  Aka my dog lover friend

Real Food UGA!

Nothing like Golden puppies...

Little bit of fun at Lisa's.  Me and Michelle were both taking lots of pics!

A cat fight broke out while we were there!

I'm gonna miss the Pineview sunsets next year...

A baby butterfly

My fuel for the week... 5 hour energy + fruity gum + minty gum

My grandpa decided to skype me! (and my grandma!)

What I learned in MIBO, sheep farts = the #1 cause of global warming in Australia

My drawings in class...  That's a mountain and a lake, fyi...

Environmental Tabling Day! Ft...

Ft... Real Food!  The girl in the green (Elly) is right by our stand)

Contemplating things before my speech...

... And I didn't take a picture of the physics test! FAIL!  But I got a 77 on it, haha, with the curve. BUT I got a B+ in the class... No idea how that happened.  Subhanalah.

Take it easy yal!