Monday, May 30, 2011

Kayaking Level 2 Skills Assessment

The adventures of getting a skills assessment!  What is that exactly?  It basically says "I'm competent at doing X" - which is great for outfitter trips where you are not actually in charge, but still need to be able to show you know what you're doing. (UGA does LOTS of outfitter trips)

Camp Kiwanis base camp

The instructor arrives! 

2 Foxes came by to see how the assessment was going

Heading over to the put in 

My booties for the day! (My actual pair was at my friend's place) 

Learning Strokes


Bruce! (our instructor)

 Lunch Break!

Nothing like some organic trail mix! on the Trail! 

Baby PHAT! (that's my boat's name - it's heavy, so the name fits)

Blurry shot... Think this was right before I did a little rolling practice!

LEARNING TO SURF!!!! (I actually got it! It was a ton of fun!)

Carly learning to roll! She got it once!

More instructing... 

 Woah, a Lady Bug!

Heading back!

 Our instructor was a B.A. (or at least, his old boat owner was!)

And that's it!

I tried not to take pictures of absolutely everything because I wanted to focus on the course.  That being said, it was the broad, and outside the turtles, eagles, and ducks, there wasn't a whole lot to see. (I tried to get pics of those, but the turtles and eagles were both during times were supposed to be working on strokes!)


PS - no videos, I know it's sad, and I promise the Sunday Story is coming!

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