Thursday, May 12, 2011

Living Life To Its Fullest

This looks like SO much fun! And so dangerous...

As does this!!!! AHHH!!! I miss snowboarding SO much... (I used to live in New York and go every Saturday. Haven't been since 9th grade in high school. I'm now a senior in college. aka ~7 years... far too long)

This looks amazing! I couldn't imagine riding a wave the size of a house...

I'd actually seen this one before today, but it doesn't make it any less cool!

This looks amazing!!! And is actually pretty informative, I've always wondered how the camera guy all their footage. Cables and wires seem to be the answer to that mystery. (BTW, boaters out there, check the waterfall clip at 3:07!)

Now, coming from the perspective of someone who is contemplating running a half marathon, this is just ludicrous. When I get to 6 miles I usually start to think: "...why am I doing this?". I like the answer she gives in this video... (btw, she says she burns about 500 cals/hour on her trail run. For her 25 hour run, that means she burns 12,500 calories. I can't even imagine a workout that intense...) (BTW, her EYES FROZE!!!! friggin crazy...)

And that's it for the adventure videos! Actually went to a concert last night so I'll be putting videos of that up soon. Stay tuned, and enjoy your summer!


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