Thursday, June 9, 2011

TRC Wrangle in the Triangle Bouldering Comp!

Well, comp is a little misleading, it was more like a giant bouldering party with prizes.  Enjoy!

Wrangle in the Triangle! 

Team belaying!  These guys were awesome! 

Looking for some problems to climb!

Now this is video from yesterday, but it was a competition problem that I worked on a lot so it's relevant!

My score sheet! 

(And I didn't get a huge amount of pics of peeps climbing or me climbing, but this is the end of the regular climbing.  Next is:

 DYNO Comp!  Waiting to dyno = nerve racking because everyone watches you!  And I didn't think I was very good... But...

I think I actually did pretty well!

And then the Finals!  There was a women's finals too, but I just didn't get very good video from them so I am just putting up the guys finals videos



This is what normally happens...

This guy was a BEAST!

And the Recreation Results!  Got Second!

Bling Bling!

And the raffle - but I was just grateful to have got the medal - so no worries about not getting any of the prizes.  PS3 would have been nice though... haha


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