Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beach Trip 2011! (Ft. internship)

Hey!  So finally got another normal post, sitting around working an online internship isn't the greatest material for exciting blog posts, which is why there has been a lack of them BUT here ya go!

Leavin! (I drove my sisters car, goodbye Ulysses!)
(It's an odyssey.... so... yeah, it's name is Ulysses) 

YAY! Off to Bald Head Island 


 Our house was awesome
 Did I mention it was awesome?
 Are you getting the picture yet, it was AWESOME (we were able to go up on the roof)
 Oh yea, read about 6 pages! (all trip, haha)
 *adding to favorite pictures I've ever taken...*
*adding this one too* 
 My folks!  Beach walks were our thing, as I was working on my online internship during the day
 Kind of a musky day...
 Gone fishin!
 My dad caught a shark!  (the bait didn't even make it to the bottom, the shark caught it as it was going down, what. a. boss.)
 Dad and my bro (Tim)
 And leavin...
 My beautiful sister, and soccer!  I watched a lot of soccer (Women's World Cup)

Yep!  That's about it!  The trip went by REALLY fast (probably because I worked 7 hours M-Thurs), but it was nice, and I'm just grateful for the good times.


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