Friday, July 15, 2011

Random Adventures from 7/8- 7/17

US soccer pics, Gettysburg, pet pics, all in a days post! (Sunday Story to come, I was planning on making it the USA world cup win, but unfortunately that didn't work out... Great run tho ladies!)
Masjid stretching


Alex Krieger, you rock my world 

The two dawgs of the house 

Sleeping on the job?! (he's sleeping in my dad's briefcase) 


I really like this pic...

 The GUR (Layla)

Rock climbing cat! that's a wall (definitely not my porch)

Well I was hoping this was a sign that we were gonna win... sadly not 

Gettysburg! North Carolina Memorial

This is apparently one of the most photographed locations in the US, not really sure what's so special about it...

:'( - happy for Japan tho

And Climbing!  Videos of me getting my first ever V5+!

Attempt Number 15

Attempt 16


And a special treat...

Video Pun!

And that's it!



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