Friday, October 14, 2011

Sandrock Rock Climbing Trip

Oct. 7-8

Such a blast!

We are obviously not doing a lot of hiking...
PAIGE! Went on a trip with her for my first Springer Mt Trip!

Forget what this is called, but there were rules man!  Hand and receive with the right hand, straw pointed towards the person, don't say anything.  It was intense!


Some killer 5.5's

Climb On!

Oh yeah, put these kids in a commercial, they're that cool.

Brooke workin the 5.8(+) windows route, flashed it.  What a baller.

Like a boss

Matt, aka our star participant, he must have missed the 'begineer' part in the description
Fearless leader Jefe about to climb, belayed by the Fearless Assistant Gray

Get. It.

The view!  Priceless. And you get it for free!

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