Thursday, November 10, 2011

Live Simply So Others Can Simply Live

SUCH. Such. such an amazing quote.  I love these two stories...

My dog may be near the end of her life.  That's kind of the reason behind this post.  I think these two stories illustrate nicely how beautiful life is.

Story of a young man who had the courage to let his mother go.  

On the theme of living simply so others can live, I think this fits in nicely. 

I also think this biker must have such an indomitable spirit.  To have the energy to train and take care of all those dogs, and to have fun all the while!  I really admire people like that.

I think put up a video a while back about the Graduation speech by Baz Luhman.

(but who feels like going back and looking? Not me, here it is again:)

Check out 1:10. "The real problems are likely to be the ones that never cross your worried mind.  The kind that blind sight you on some idle Tuesday"

So true.  

I hope everyone does something new and exciting this weekend!


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