Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tumbling Rock Caving Trip

So I went on this really cool trip not too long ago!  It was only 4 months ago, nbd right? (Oct 28-29 2011)


So here it is. I hope you guys will forgive me for me putting this up late!

And it begins!

Shadow Geneva (center) along with her two buddies Lisa and ?Mary-Alice?

Major Tom making us some hot Coco!

Liberty Restaurant!  $4 for $10 worth of food aka the perfect GORP food stop!

Liberty Restaurant Log Book

Pre-Mud Group Picture!

Cave Formations!


Christmas Tree!

Me and Bill Torode*!

This is what I looked at for a strong majority of the trip, the person-in-front-of-me's rear

During the weekend of the Fl-Ga game, who should we run into but the Florida Outdoor Rec Program!  Aka the coolest Gators I've ever met (and probably ever will... (jk!))

Log Book!  Notice the bottom entry

Bill Torode has friends!

Sitting on top of Mount Olympus, aka as far back as you can go!

Shadow Pic!

Our Rec Sports Representative

Major "Bat" Tom

Our Trip Leader, Lauren, the Bat!

Group Pic in the Cave! Along with, oh my goodness, A GOBLIN!!!

Mud Pic!  Needless to say, Tumbling Rock isn't that muddy...

Coffee for the night trip home along with Bill Torode and Major Tom

*In the Liberty log book, Bill Torode appeared in almost every entry.  So we wrote him in ours as a joke (go back and see!) and we also found this little Wolverine.  So naturally we named him Bill Torode and brought him along for the ride - that's what any sensible person would do, right?

Enjoy!  And there are more adventures coming!  I'm hoping to get my climbing trip and Skiing Trip up pretty soon (but like, really, not March soon, haha)

And Happy New Years!

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