Monday, January 30, 2012

Beech Mountain GORP Skiing Trip

On Jan 28-29 GORP headed up to Beech Mountain, NC for some skiing and snowboarding.  This trip was actually a combination of a Trip Leader Trip and a UGA student trip, but they weren't really divided so I got to spend plenty of time with each.

On the first day we got there and it was packed and foggy.  But we got to do some night skiing which was way better!

Not quite as good as West Coast skiing...

Long lines...

And foggy...

But we got to go at night!


On the second day the conditions were a lot better.  There were fewer people, and we think it snowed a little the night before which gave the mountain some much needed powder!

Eating Breakfast

Me and my Snowboard

Fearless Leader Tom

Tom Went Pro!

Yeah... Chairlift was pretty nice though!

Geneva rockin the pizza.  And Jeff chillin

Stas Boardin

Trip Leader Picture!

Goofy Face Picture!

LOVE The Appalachian Mountain, picture doesn't come near to doing it justice...

Me and the mountains, where I belong...

My attempt at a GOPRO video.  Think it turned out pretty well!

Snoozin on the way home...

Look at that, 3 vans all lined up!


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