Saturday, December 31, 2011

Steamboat Springs Trip!

So yeah, I went to Steamboat with my family from the 26th (of December) to the 31st.  It was a blast!  And here are the pictures!

Flyin In!

Getting Ready to Ski!

Me and the Sis

Steamboat Springs!

Ready to go!

My Pops

My bro and my mom

Down we go!

Little Picture Stop

The Higher Mountain

So Nice...

The base!  Along with a new half pipe! 
Our Ski Instructor!

Love it

Pictures of my dad skiing.  My sister and mom are further down...

Third Day was a foggy day...

Ski School!


Me snowboarding!

The Gondola!

Half Pipe!

Tryin on some shades!

My Sis with Laura-Lou (our photographer)

Last run, ending on a (west coast) black!

Mom And Dad!

Me and my Mom (featuring me trying not to slide down the mountain)

My dad skiing.  This is honestly my fav picture of the trip...

Just lovin the remainder of my trip, taking it all in...

My bro and sis trying out snowboarding!
And that's it!


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