Monday, July 9, 2012

Crew 6 21 Day Course

So it's been ages, I know, but life has been kind of crazy here.  What has happened in the last month has primarily revolved around a 21 day trip that I helped out with.  The instructors were Scott, Pip, and Ryan, and they were awesome!  During this course, I helped out with Precourse, the Rocks block, and then 2 resupplies.  I also helped out with the final deissue.

Plotting the Route

Course start set up!

First Circle

Group Circle (as I leave)

Few days later, Rocks block!

Teaching how to belay


Having fun in the rain

My tarp!

Mia conquering Day 2's hard route!

Jo rappelin

Watching how to multi-pitch

The Instructor Team

Change of plans, Devil's Cellar

Traversing over Devil's Cellar

Great View!

Rappelling down the Toilet bowl

The kids hanging out

Resupply 1.  

DAY OFF, chillin with my mom on Table Rock

Packing Resupplies

Just a pile of (dirty) sleeping bags, nothing to see here

Personal Challenge Event.  These are the two SWEEP runners (notice the broom!)

My crew!
And that's a wrap!  My camera has been having some issues lately, and I was only there a few days, so there's far less pictures than I wish there were.  But things have been going well!  The next 21 day course just started, and when that finishes, I'll be putting that up here too.  I'm going to try to take a few more pictures, but we'll see what happens.

Also, I'm 80% done with Clash of Kings.  It's taken me a while, but Brace yourselves!  A book review is coming! (If you didn't get that joke, no worries).


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