Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February in Tahoe


So remember how I said last time that I can't take pictures at work? (no).  Well I can't, and that's why I haven't really had much to blog about.  It has been a while though, and I figure between pictures and funny stories, I have enough material now to blog.

So without further ado, views of Tahoe!

They haven't had a half pipe in 3 years.  Guess I chose the right season to come!
The bottom.  And yes, it is huge, the walls are 18' high.

Post Card Material...

Some awesome signs

More great views

And here are some random things I've been up to:

Saw this on the way home.  Caught my eye.

Official Certification!

Ye Olde Library(-e)

Got nominated for teaching a lesson in Espanol!


My J-E-R-K of a roommate finally got kicked out of our place.
(I helped him move into the other place)

And now it's SKI WEEK, which is where Cali gets the whole week off for President's Day.  Kind of running on fumes right now (so tired), but come Monday things should quiet down a little bit!

Also, I'm super close to finishing the Two Towers and Cat's Cradle.  Reviews should be coming in the near future.


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