Friday, June 14, 2013

Getting After It

After training finally finished, I found myself with a little bit of free time.
As the weather was nice, I decided to go where these guys were looking... (outside)

So nice out!

One of the first orders of business was to find cool things I could get paid to do...

Like drive Mountaineering Trips

In Canada! (Eh?)

Favorite Picture I've taken so far this summer.
(Picture taken right after US-Canada border)

I got paid to drive up here.  Awesomeness.


 And away they go!
Getting After It
And after I got a few healthy paychecks, I was able to go and have some fun myself!

We have a couple of outdoor climbing sites about 15 minutes away, so one day a bunch of us went and climbed.

Climbing with friends

What style...

My buddy crushing a 5.12


With views like this, I decided to pick up a new hobby...


This was one I took on the side of the road.

This guy...

A pic from my 1:30:00 run.  Love this sport!

And after we were finished being active...

It was time to hang out...

Go for some walks...

Watch some ships come in...

And take in the views!

Which are great even on rainy days!

And don't worry...
I'm being taken care of...
(care package from home)

Livin the Dream!

Apprendo Espanol!
(I'm learning Spanish!)

I'm learning by listening to podcasts, and talking with clients who speak Spanish.  WAYYY better than learning in a classroom!

(The goal is to be good enough to teach private Spanish lessons at Heavenly and/or to travel in Spanish speaking countries.  Not sure where that would be yet)



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