Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Chaos Ebbs

So I've been working quite a bit, which is why the blog posts have been few and far between.  I've had about 5 days off in the last 45 days, and in that time we've been running maximum capacity numbers (~20 person zip trips).  It's been exhausting, but I've also learned a lot, and I feel like I've become a better person because of it. 

The good news is that the busiest part of the season is now past us, and I'm almost done with my first year of work.  Like many things in life, seniority has its perks, and I'm getting close to starting to see some of those benefits!  Come this winter I'll be a second year instructor which is going to be awesome!

On The Horizon
South Dewey Lake
(Pic from Google)

At long last we're beginning to get some more free time, so there are a couple of challenges I'd like to conquer this season.  Among them are the mountains in the back of this picture here, the Deweys.  I'm also hoping to continue to get stronger in my climbing as well. 

And, of course, I'll be enjoying the weird and wonderful life that is living in Skagway.  

CLIC International Conference

In the more distant future, I'll be heading to Big Sky Montana for a wilderness medicine conference.  Still not really sure what adventures this will hold, but it'll almost definitely be interesting!

I'll be heading home to North Carolina for a bit after Montana, and then...

Then I really don't know what will happen.  It's all kind of up in the air, but the plan is to find a crag I can camp at and just climb and run around there for a few weeks. I also may end up traveling and visiting people. Hard to say at this point...

And come November 11th, I'll be heading back to South Lake Tahoe!

Love it. 


So my time in Heavenly is still a while away, but I'll be going back as a duel-certified returning coach.  This means I will have significantly more priority at the start of this season then I had last season, which is awesome!  I expect I'll be skiing a lot more this season (it's where consistent work is), but it's hard to know for sure at this point.  Either way it'll be awesome!


And to those of you who are wondering what will be happening after this snow season, the plan is to keep guiding and instructing for a long while to come.  I don't know if I'll stay at the exact companies I'm at now for that entire time, but I definitely want to be a part of helping people feel alive in the great outdoors! 

You guys stay awesome!

Also, Touching the Void isn't happening.  God Bless You Mr. Rosewater is. Stay tuned for that review!

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