Monday, February 10, 2014

Snowy Adventures, Santa Cruz, and Snow!

Hey good people!

(So first of all, you can check out for the short and sweet version of this blog post.)

So for a while, the most exciting thing happening in Tahoe was this...


Vs. Cats!

Because the mountain looked like this...

But at the end of January the clouds finally decided to be nice and Tahoe got some snow!

Look at all those snowflakes!


So we were all pretty stoked!

I was so stoked I decided to go up and enjoy it!



Crushin Pow Pow with friends

So good!

Sadly that day did eventually come to an end...

And Tahoe was looking pretty good when it did...

I love this place!

And then February rolled around, and Tahoe was still feeling nice!


And the Face opened! So Heavenly finally has expert runs again!

My kids were stoked too!

Eventually though I did decide to take a little trip...

To get away from the rainy-wetness..

And get more of this...

I had to do this...

Because how do you resist sticking your feet in this?

(I have no idea)

And then my other friend arrived, so we went to get one of these!

Sadly the burger wasn't the only thing that was in and out...

But I got it all fixed up, and then returned to this!

Let it snow!

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