Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fun Week of April

4/4/11 - 4/10/11

This week I went to a concert, played zombies, did the TOMS barefoot day, also have the GORP training pics just b/c I don't know where else to put them...  And fly fishing pics!

(also, this is a long post, I don't intend to make many posts this long again, but it's a hassle to make a new post to split it up, so... yeah, long post!)


Twin Shadow, my favorite act of the night (2nd opener)


The Pains of Being Pure At Heart!

You may notice I was REALLY close, that is primarily because hardly anyone was there
(That being said, it was really cool being that close!)

Heart in Your Heartbreak

Last song...


Barefoot Pics...
Settin Out

On my way...

Barefoot in Class!

Zombie pics...
Can't touch this!

Okay, maybe you can... ZOMBIE TIME!

High School humans, pre-zombie picture, 
they all ended up being turned shortly after this picture was taken...

The Mods (creators of the game)
They were on another level... We couldn't get those guys

(Final mission pics start here)
A Mod showing me his gun (also a friend of mine)

We had about 20 zombies, versus this... it was a slaughter


GORP Medical Training
The basics

Practical Skills

Carson's buggy friend! (and I guess my buggy friend too!)

Learning to cast!

More casting

The Group!

YAY! The monster of all monster posts is COMPLETE! Peace,

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