Sunday, April 3, 2011

Springer Mt. GORP Camping Trip!

WENT AMAZING!!!!  We had an amazing group of GORP Instructees, which I think made a huge difference.  They were fit, positive, and very outgoing!  They also learned well, and didn't go doing ridiculous things.  We also had awesome leaders too!  John, who was always the life of the group, and Michelle who had tons of great ideas!  And for the shadows (assistant to assistant leader) we had Elly who was the master chef, Sam who was just a cool dude to have around... Then ME!  The photographer, and one bringing you all the goods!


Double click this picture and look really closely, you should be able to see FOUR faces!

And I am going to do a little experiment this post, and put up a LOT of pictures.  The real reason is that I just can't decide which ones I want!  Odds are, in time, I'll remove a few, and the number will be more reasonable...


BTW, fav quote of the trip: "Outta sight, outta mind" -Elly O, it's out of context, but I think it applies nicely to getting out into the woods.  Getting school and hwk outta sight, outta mind!


  1. Whoa! How do you keep having so many adventures!? I guess that's college....? "Out of sight out of mind" has helped me plenty of times when dealing with creepy things in nature like if I'm petrified that I just saw a snake or gross looking bug and I don't know where it went, I have to repeat it to myself so I won't have disturbing visions of snakes and bugs secretly crawling up my pants or something. =(

  2. I feel like they just keep popping up! They're gonna die down pretty soon though... And disturbing visions are not fun!

  3. "out of sight, out of mind"
    hmm.... sounds familiar

  4. Well you gave me credit for the picture, so you deserve credit for the quote! And... done!