Friday, April 29, 2011

A real adventure


So this thursday I saw a rock climbing buddy of mine going into his house with a few friends of his, and I called out to him to figure out what he was up to. Before I knew it I was watching Michael Scott's last episode of the office, and hanging out in his apartment.

After that was over (and after we ate plenty of honey pretzel sticks), we wrestled a little bit, and said our farewells to the girls who had come over to watch.

Then we decided the night was still young, and a few guys were itching to do some climbing (myself included) so we headed over to the fine arts building. Upon arrival, we scouted out the place, and started climbing. It was a very easy climb to the first spot (about 15-20 feet up) AND if we fell, it would be on to dirt. So I felt pretty good about going up, and the climb proved very easy. (LEVEL 1)

The next section was a little harder. Really it was just about balancing, we had a pipe that went up to the next level, and a few power boxes. We just had to be careful not to put too much weight onto anything, didn't want to brake anything. But we got up there (LEVEL 2), with slightly more difficulty, but we got up. We then found a ladder, and before I knew it, I was on top of the fine arts building. (LEVEL 3)

We walked across almost the whole thing and found an even harder spot. This was basically 2 ledges, and the top ledge had an overhang. I did manage to get up to the first ledge eventually, but I concluded going for the second one was a little risky, so I passed. Ben and Will got up there, and set against the night sky, they were like phantoms (invisible). (LEVEL 4)

After about 5 minutes we decided to head back down, which we did carefully and quietly as we could...

Except apparently someone heard us, because the Janitors showed up as we were getting down to the second level. So we hung tight for a bit, we couldn't climb down because there were SO many cops going by. *Note to self, thursday night = drinking night in athens = lots of cops = don't climb thursday nights...*

I'm not totally sure how Ben and Will did it, but they got down from there when there was a break in the cops without being seen. Or maybe they were seen. Because the report was 2 peeps climbing. But they convinced the cops (who showed up 5 minutes later) it wasn't them, and so me and Josh were up there just chillin...

I gave Josh my phone, and he become the radio man of sorts. While hiding in the shadows, Josh and I patiently waited for the cops to go away. I'm not sure exactly how long we waited, but it was at least 30 minutes. We saw a flash light searching once, but we managed to successfully hide from the cops.

The thing that baffled us was how they didn't find us. We weren't very well hidden, there were 3 BIG windows right near us, and had they even come up to the second floor (as one window was by the stairs) all they would have had to do is look out the window to see us. (My theory is they checked the first floor for signs of breaking-and-entering, and, having found nothing, concluded we were just some rascals climbing on stuff - but I really don't know).

Either way, we got Kevin to scout out for us about 30 minutes later. (We couldn't have Ben and Will scout because it would have been way too suspicious). The cops apparently had left, and Kevin gave us the all clear, and me and Josh practically flew back to the ground. We then casually walked back with Kevin, watched them finish their frisbee golf game, then, at last, went to bed.

And now for the visual record of the night:

Josh and Will - for those of you who don't know them - getting ready for the dance the next night!

Hannah and Crystal playing chubby bunny!

Just a normal night...

Okay, a little less normal


The ladder

(Uh oh... slowin down on the way down b/c lots of 5-0)

You be so quiet. So still (Green Mile)

The radio man

WE'RE LEAVIN! (btw, this is one of the obvious windows...)

Another window... cops can't have been lookin too hard

Our savior (scouted for us)

Veni, Vidi, Vici (I came, I saw, I conquered)

Home sweet home...

Finals time now, #1 goal, make it to tuesday night.  Everything else is just details.

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