Monday, May 2, 2011

Finals! 2011

And my main goal: Survive! And take plenty of funny pictures to share with you guys! And videos.

Final Exam Predictions (& sched):
Friday: First is the worst.  Worst because my teacher likes to put very crazy problems on, which, even if you think you studied and know it all cold, will still have you staring at the page like the question is written in another language.

Monday: Second is the best!  Final exam in public health, studying for this means reading a book about why aging causes issues for public health.  Advanced stuff right?!

Tuesday:  Third is the one with the treasure chest!  Final in Microbiology should be hard, but do-able.  Unlike Physics, the effort you put in relates to the grade you get out.  But either way, I'M FREE AFTER THIS! CAN'T WAIT! (then what you ask?  no idea. haha)

Real Food! (A farm came by and gave us freshly grown food, forget what the event was called...)



Arabic Lessons, The Father-Son Combo

My new study break... THE OFFICE!

 Entomology Club (I think that's right), I want a pet snake now!

 Ramsey 2010-2011 Staff Video!

(Ramsey = UGA athletic center for those out of the know...)

 6th Floor Reunion! And we ate...

These bad boys! (well, I didn't... but some people did!)

Video of the Health Promotion Major eating one... (way to go Aubrey!)

Physics Final, GROSS! It was the worst...

GOODBYE PHYSICS, FOREVER! (recycled it...)

And goodbye Mariam! (2nd last day at the rock wall)

I love starcraft... and 63 kills! new record (by one unit)!

WOAH!!! (just watched the 6th season now, they're married! such a good show...)

I love how Dwight says: "If I can skin a mule deer in less than 10 minutes..." like it's something he does all the time...

(I just had to ask...)

Goodbye Bryan!  You'll be missed!

Goodbye Ben! Until next semester! (btw, that's my route he's climbing! it's prretty awesome...)

PBHL Final, as predicted in the beginning of the post, this was the best. 30' flat and I was outta there. A- in the class.

Samir!  Finally finished.  Leaving me alone to study Micro Bio, my last final!

THE TREASURE CHEST! (Mibo final), turned out to be way easier than I thought it'd be.  B+ in the class.


(And honorable mention to some of my best-teacher-friends who are going back to Pakistan (L) (Taimur) and Indonesia (R) (Dewa).  You'll be missed! (I know I butcherd the spelling of your names, sorry!)

Glad I finally finished this bad boy!  Now to do the summer post!


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