Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ted Leo Concert


(Drunken Unicorn, it's as classy as it sounds... )

First Opener - These guys were pretty good...

Second Opener - this guy wasn't... he just screamed too much...

Nothing Much To Say

The @Chocolate Joke into Me and Mia Clip

The High Party Clip

Bottled in a Cork

You Could Die (Or This Might End)/Do Anything You Wanna Do (Manfred Mann cover)
(A little point here, the guy who said "I will drive you to Chapel Hill" had been jokingly calling Ted Leo a 'dick' for the second half of the show... I don't remember how it started, but he made a lot of jokes about it)

And that's it! And one more post about the Rock Quarry and I'll be all caught up... well I guess I need a sunday story too. AFTER THAT, then I'll be all caught up!

Take it easy yal!

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