Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunday Story: God Knows Best

So this story is about putting faith in God.  I am applying for internships now, and I've been working very hard to be accepted to some pretty cool jobs/internships.  If I got them, it would be really cool, and I think I would have a blast! (iA).  The thing is though, often times we don't get what we want, but that being said, sometimes we get something better.  This poem is about all the things we want, and all the different ways God can give us what is best for us.


He asked for strength that he might achieve,
He was made weak that he might obey.

He asked for health that he might do greater things,
He was given infirmity that he might do better things.

He asked for riches that he might be happy,
He was given poverty that he might be wise.

He asked for power that he might have the praise of men,
He was given weakness that he might feel the need for God.

He asked for all things that he might enjoy life,
He was given life that he might enjoy all things.

He has received nothing that he asked for,
All that he hoped for,

His prayer is answered; he is most blessed.
- Anon.


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