Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rock Town Climbing Trip

We actually went to Little Rock City too, but sadly I don't have any pictures from that day...

Also, I've been looking at some of my blog stats, and I get the impression most people don't really like the Sunday Stories too much.  What people DO like though, are the Book Reviews!  So instead of doing Sunday Stories, I think I'm going to start reading more and phasing the Sunday Stories out.  (And as usual, feedback is appreciated!)

So without further ado, the climbing trip from December (woops) - I'm catching up folks I promise!

Travis and Laura

Travis Crushing

Toppin Out

Laura Crushing

Get. It.

The Coolest Problem, Balancy, then Powerful!

Laura!  Sadly she didn't quite manage to send this...

But she was close!

Yeah!!! Group Pic!

Travis showing off his **** bar

Forget what the bar is called, but this is the trip, ski trip coming up soon!

Sorry for the absence!  The last 2 weeks back have been nuts.  But I'm back!



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