Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm Outward Bound

Or, to be more specific, I'm working for North Carolina Outward Bound!  I just got the phone call Saturday morning, and, as this is kind of BIG news, I figured I'd make a post about it!

Also, if you want a great song to listen to while you browse this, you should go here:
And listen while you read!
(btw, I feel this song is additionally significant because I feel at home in the Mountains, which, consequently, is where I'll be working! (iA))

So first, a little info about NCOBS:

Outward Bound is the oldest, most respected outdoor educator in the world, and North Carolina Outward Bound, the oldest independent Outward Bound school in the country, knows how to help you open your eyes to your own potential

BLAAHHH!!! Exciting right?!

Also, some of you may be wondering: "Chris, what does it mean to be 'Outward Bound'?"

To be “outward bound” literally means to leave the shelter of the harbor for the open sea; figuratively it means leaving comfort zones, putting fears aside and discovering possibilities.

This is taken from their site, and I couldn't really put it any better myself...

But anywho, I went up there a few weekends ago
Where this place is...
Aka Here:

This is where I had my interview.  Met a guy named Dan Miller

(this guy:)

(And he wasn't dressed up much more than this)
 We talked for about 2 hours, and told me he'd call me sometime in early February to let me know what they decided...

and on
FEBRUARY 11 2012


In early March I should be getting some paperwork
(My favorite! How'd he know?!)

Then later we might be doing a little conference call to get to know each other
(Although there may not be cupcakes...)

And then in May!
We're Outward Bound! For a 14 day Wilderness Expedition!
And then I come back and work as an intern.

Rationing, driving, and just having a great time!

But until those Happy days begin (Aka May 16), I'll be studying for the GRE, leading trips, and enjoying my last year of college.


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