Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wilderness First Responder Class

Geez.  Odds are no one is actually reading this any more.  I've been super inconsistent lately (thanks to my being SO busy lately).

I wish I could say life is calming down, but it's not.  But I really want to get these up so here we go:
Textbooks and such..

The Field Guide!

Getting to Work...

The three triangles (1st was on the page before)

Tim! (our instructor) 
Clutch coffee machine and pretzels to keep us awake

I drew a lot of these...

Getting our Injury on!

Kay Bay and Chad playing Victims

More victim pics

The Scene

So good

Claire trying to carry Mike

How to roll


How to buckle a foam backboard

How to buckle a (terrible) backboard


More backboard

Gettin her out


Lil Blurry but still good! 
The class
WFR'S ON THE SCENE! (different scene than below)

This sums up the class pretty well...

Layin around... 
Playin the victim

More tim!

Hives gone horribly wrong

Asthma attack?

How to clean a wound

Dressing Wounds

How to tie someone to a backboard on their side (this is hard!)

Other view

Thermal Wrap

Korey in the thermal wrap

Heading to Sim 2

Learning outside

Three Triangles

Lunch Nap

Got a bloody nose!

(not really, just some of Tim's trickery)

Headin out to our sim!

Ready to carry some dudes

WFR Certified!


My card!


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