Sunday, April 8, 2012

Laurel Snow Pocket Falls

Last weekend me and my friend Bryce went to Suck Creek and Laurel Snow Falls in Tennessee. Our original plan was to get out of Athens ASAP and get up to Tennessee.  Sadly, traffic prevented us reaching Laurel so we pulled an audible and headed to Suck Creek.  We then got back in our van and headed over to Laurel Snow Falls to backpack.  As it happened though, we actually decided we wanted to head home, so we booked it back to the car (as the gate closed at Sundown), and headed home.

About 12 miles total.  Not bad for two days!  Especially because 11 of them were on Saturday!

But enough of my text.  PICTURES!

The Parking Lot (or pull off...)

The Trail


Kinda Sketchy looking Bridge

Me and my walking stick

MARMOT! I love this tent with all my heart

We decided to leave the fire overnight.  Get a little extra warmth and it made starting the fire in the morning super easy.  (like we just blew on some tinder, it was awesome)

Props to my friend Liz for the backpack and walking stick idea.  Cool Shot

My hiking buddy Bryce.  He made his hammock out of flag material and rope

Yours Truly.  Always happy to be in the great outdoors

I don't know how my camera takes pictures like these.  It's a point and shoot. But hey, not complaining!

Truck Heaven

Laurel Snow Parking lot!

Me and Bryce setting off

Exploring the mine


The on-the-trail-waterfall waterfall

Just some leaves.  Nothing to see here...

Nature.  Love it

Cool Rock-Water Effect we saw along the way

The Bridge to Snow Falls.  Thus marking the beginning of our 2 mile vertical climb and lots of poison ivy!

Bryce has the eyes of a hawk.  Spotted this little snake and picked it up for some pictures

The Trail

Bryce explorin

Check out the seat!

Snow Falls

Aw yea!

I love my camera

My favorite shot of the trip.  So beautiful

Me!  I actually may make this my new background picture.  My old one is 3 years old... hold up... Voila!
River Crossing!

Such a great view.  The picture couldn't possibly do it justice...

Oh. My. Goodness.  We almost didn't even walk by to this lookout.  But thank goodness we did!

Me and my boot admiring the view


Figured I'd put my head in the way of everything going on

That's better...

Another Bryce find.  Cool flower

Back to the easy trail!

Aw yea!


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