Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Random Favorite Shots

So I just tried to update my cover photo and blogger told me I was over my picture limit.  If I am, then they probably won't let me post these, but if I'm not, here are some of my favorite shots...

Backpacking in NC '06

More Backpacking in NC '06 (it was our senior challenge, sadly I don't remember exactly where we were)

Sunset, still 06 NC

Milford Sound, NZ '09

Milford Sound NZ '09

Another beautiful location in NZ '09

2 hours of hiking above the last picture - NZ 09

Lookin Right, same place NZ '09

Same place, NZ 09

On a beautiful sight seeing location, NZ '09.  Sorry I don't know where these were...

Hope they let you guys see these!


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