Friday, August 3, 2012

NCOBS - 2nd 21 Day Trip

WOOT! It has been so long.  Geez.  I'm getting back into the swing of things though, and here this is, WAYY late.  I put this up on facebook a while back, so my motivation to put this up has been low, but I really do want to put this up, so here it is.

And just so you have an idea of what you're looking at.  I was with Vish and Bryan at pre-trip, where they did the route planning.  Then I did some logistics, then went and helped out with the River Block for 3 days. (Course started on 7/19)

Then I did more logistics, and got my new puppy! (Add link here when I put that up).  Then Helped out with the ropes course.

Then I took these guys to the airport, and saw them off. (ended 8/2)

Route Planning

Crew showed up late

Learning the basics of boating

Swim test!

Boat drills

Boat Drills

more boating

done for the day

Group Pic!

Heading down the French Broad

So good

Bout to go down the rapid (which you can't see, but you can see how Caleb is much lower than these guys)



About to do the Whitewater Swim Test 

Activities and Such

Day 3 beginning!

Cuckoo Pic

Dynamite Ledge! 
Vish showing us the route


Just boating along

Adios River Section, enter more hiking!

Service Project!



Fruits of our labor

Our Group

Enter Ropes Course!

M.R. showing how to use the lobster claws

Some shenanigans
Some swingers!

Post Resupply

Personal Challenge Event!


Final Banquet

Final Circle

and Adios!

AND! That's it!  Woot!


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