Monday, August 6, 2012

Life Updates: No Thru-Hike, Jobs, and More!

Hey everyone!

I had an idea today.  As I don't always have a trip or a book finished every week, I figured I would come up with a new kind of post.  The Life Update!  This will be terribly boring for those of you who don't know me, but for those who do, this is a cool way for me to share with you what I've been up to.

So first of all, I've done some thinking and I don't think I will be thru-hiking next year after all.  There are a few reasons for this, but it really comes down to one thing: I wasn't looking forward to it.  After a summer of learning to Lead Climb, Canoeing, and listening to cool adventures (thanks Dirtbag Diaries), I concluded that there were other things I'd rather be doing than hiking 2000 miles.  I still haven't ruled it out as a future trip, but for now, I plan to move forward in a different direction.

What is that direction you may ask?

(or jobS)

'12-'13 Winter Plan:

I've got an application into One Steamboat Place already, and hopefully the interview will be this month (/early September)!  I believe the position I applied for was driving (they said they'd pass my resume along to the driving manager), but I really am not sure exactly how the process works for awarding jobs.

If I do get it though!  It would go from December to April.  Hopefully during that time I could get plenty of shredding time!  (Hopefully I could also find some beta on how to become a snowboard instructor too!)

'13 Summer Plan
This one is much more up for grabs.  I've got a few ideas at the moment though:

-Working at the Nantahala Outdoor Center, NC
-Working at Adventure Treks

-Working as a Climbing Specialist
-Working as a river guide in Colorado
-Working at Boys and Girls Metro Club of Atlanta
-Working as a Outdoor Trip Leader (somewhere...)

And more!  I'm going through a Storm of Swords now.  The going is slow though because of two things:

(recently aquired one of these!)

That's all for now folks! (And I'll probably update this post in the summer section.  I just want to make sure I post something now though)


PS - If you are/have wondered why I always link books to Amazon, it's not because I'm sponsored by them or anything.  I think Amazon is one of the best places to read reviews, and if you DO decide to get the book, odds are Amazon will have the cheapest prices...

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