Sunday, September 23, 2012

Elicott Rock GORP Trip

Okay guys!  Time to catch up!  Hopefully by the end of the day we will be completely up to speed!

So in late September, me and Will led a backpacking trip to Elicott Rock with three Leaders in Training, JJ, Liz, and Nathan.  It was an all star crew, and our participants were all superstars with the exception of one lady who had been problematic on a previous GORP trip.  Fortunately, everything worked out swimmingly.


Short stop to some baby falls

Le trail

So many snakes! 
Our group at the campsite

Stream crossings

The hang out rock

Hangin out

Elicott Rock!

People taking pics of Elicott

Not exactly sure what's happening here

Walkin in the woods

Evan playing his Mandolin

Evan playing Wagon Wheel with some voice help from our Crew

Day 2! Packin up

WOOT for photography!

Morning stretches with Will 
And the Fish Hatchery, then home!


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