Friday, August 24, 2012

UGA Outdoor Rec Leader Trip

Hey good people,

At the beginning of every year, the UGA Outdoor Recreation Program does a trip where the leaders go out bacpacking for two nights to 1) get to know each other better, and 2) discuss the upcoming year.  Here are some pictures from that adventure!

Day 1!
Distributing food and Gear


Heading out!

At the drop off site

So we fed this dog, and then we found out why people say: "Don't feed the dog!" (it kept following us!)

Hammock City


Day 2!

Nathan's poop talk

Geneva demonstrating poop techniques

Taylor and Geneva demonstrating the buddy system

More demonstrations

And lesson time!


Lunch Time

Geneva teaching her lesson

Journal time

Getting over logs

Day 3!


Daniel Teaching

Sam Teaching


Heading Home

A Brief Stop on the way back

And that was it!  I'm very wisely using my study time now to update my blog.  Hopefully I'll be up to date soon!


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