Sunday, October 7, 2012

PEDB Pisgah Trip

PEDB stands for Physical EDucation Backpacking course, and I got put on this kind of last minute, as one of the other trip leaders got Mono.

And the trip was excellent!  We didn't have any sketchy Billy's, with the exception of one guy who didn't bring a jacket (smh), fortunately I had an extra he could borrow.  We also had some weather at night, where I learned my ultralight tarp tent condenses water like there's no tomorrow.

With the exception of our shadows though, everyone's tents held up fine.

And pics!

Goin over the route

Heading off

The trail(/stream)

Love that view

I know that guy...

Elly cutting sticks


The ultralight, utlra-condensing tent

Who needs stoves anyways?

Just chillin

Day 2!  Going to get water

Our shadows tent...

Group Pic!

Those clouds...

Last great pic

And car...


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