Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pisgah Scout Trip

And we're caught up!  (Well we will be after I post this).  This weekend JJ and I went out to Pisgah to scout our excellent 13 mile loop.  It would have been very similar to our OB final expedition, but we wouldn't have done the Bush Push.  Unfortunately though, these guys

Black Bears!

Decided they wanted to spoil our fun.  Fortunately though, a lovely lady there helped to replan our whole route, and without further ado, JJ and I set off for our alternative backpacking trip

Last minute Preps

The trail! (pretty sure this is when we missed the turn and had to double back)

Love these colors

Water crossings

More water crossings 

Fire or Beaver? (answer is fire)

Oh this?  This is just an unnecessary river crossing we took on because we're ballers

Beautiful pic

Mini waterfall

This is a campsite... right?

Is now!  Active condensation machine!

Mmmm, Agua! (we treated it, no worries)

Well it's 5 PM... and nothing to do... so...

Time for bed?!?!


Bear bag - Set 
Day 2!  We survived!

And this is why it is the condensation machine, this was a DRY night.

Condense ALL the water...

Can't even tell we were here!

Back to the trail!

Oh this?  yeah, this was right next to the trail.

Love it.



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