Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My 2012 Turkey Break

Hey everyone!  So guess what!  It's been two years, and I have now successfully uploaded 1 gig of space!  Unfortunately, that is my limit.  I have come up with a short term alternative solution (it's confusing and complicated, I'll spare you the details), but I may end up putting ads on this blog so I can pay for the extra storage space.  Also may not, gonna talk with a marketing friend of mine tonight to figure out some other possibilities.  Anyways, without further ado:


Chapter 1: TED TALK

So a little backstory, the week before my turkey break my friend got accepted to give a TED talk at Georgia Tech.  (TED stands for Technology Entertainment Design, and features some of the brightest and best minds giving 5-20 minute presentations on their topic of expertise.  Or as the website puts it, they are "Riveting talks by Remarkable People").

 So it was a pretty big deal that he got accepted to give a TED talk, and I spent almost the whole week before hand either praying or helping him prepare for it.  THEN on Friday, he mentioned that he could bring a friend (and this thing was completely sold out by the first day),

The dinner where I got my (viewing) TED invite

which is how I ended up going to the Georgia Tech TED Conference

Hammad (guy in the wheelchair) and Travis Horsley (another TED speaker that day)

Introducing the event

The room
Hammad's TED Talk:
(Also, this is just my video, but TED will release the official video in a few weeks and hopefully the audio (and visual) will be much better) (And I'll replace this link with that one iA)

And some pictures while he was talking

Speaker 2: Luma Mufleh

Speaker 3: Todd McDevitt
And that was all I stayed for.  I had originally made plans to hang out with this guy!

Chapter 2: Chillin with Taylor

Friday we were just hanging out (partially thanks to me getting a migraine that night...)
Words against Humanity! 
On Sunday we hiked Kennesaw Mountain!

And Hiking!

Starting out

Little Kennesaw

Taylor and the cannons


Kennesaw Mountain Outlook

Le Trail


Back to the car

And that was that day, the next day I headed home for the:

Chapter 3: HOME!

If only I could have driven home in that...
Time for random animal pictures!

My Dog!

My cat watching me eat

"That is One Glorious Cat" - Aisha

Dusty snuggling my mom's hand

Comfortable Shadow

Nothing like the smell of coffee to put you to bed....

Shadow keeping me company while I read



My new neck warmer

"If I shouldn't sits, I sits" (on top of a laptop and my dad's shirts)

Chapter 4: TURKEY TIME! (in DC to visit the Fam)

Getting there

Mimi's Kitchen (Mimi = my grandma)


Le Dinner

Watching the Redskins beat the Cowboys

  Chapter 5: More Hiking!

(Sugarloaf Mountain this time)

My Mom starting strong

The fam (Sister wasn't feeling very adventurous that day)

My panorama shot!

Beautiful outlook!

Le parents

Me and my Mom

Another great outlook!

And heading home...

and then I basically just hung out the next day, then headed home for 

Chapter 6: Home 

(not exactly sure what the chapters are for)

Seriously, me being home = animal pictures

Not sure how if Dusky knew I was leaving the next day, but I appreciated the company!

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!
AND Leavin!
Bye Bye Bailey!


PS- Sneak peak of next post!

Is that a picture from my 2006 NOLS course?!

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