Friday, November 23, 2012

Book Review: Storm of Swords

SOOOO, you guys know how many book reviews my Spoiler-Containing Clash of Kings review got?!  

So I decided to make a spoiler free review...

First of all, THIS BOOK IS DARK.  Oh my goodness.  Game of Thrones was dark, Clash of Kings not so much, but this book, you're gonna need a flash light in the day time.  Killing, sex, betrayal, more killing, monsters, demons, even more killing, you name it, this book has got it.  There is no line this book isn't willing to cross, and it does an excellent job blurring the boundaries of right and wrong.  You'll find yourself rooting for people you originally thought to be villains, and questioning if the knight in shining armor is worthy of your affection.  You may even find yourself simultaneously rooting for, and against characters depending on whose perspective you are occupying at the time.

One thing is for certain though, is that the characters are excellent!  Martin builds so much history around the characters that they feel completely organic, and very complicated.  It is because of this history that you are able to sympathize when a character makes a poor decision, or become baffled when they do something you weren't expecting.  ("Something you weren't expecting" could almost be a theme in this book).

Then of course there is the ACTION!
You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover!
But if you did, you would probably be spot on.  There is so much gratuitously awesome action in this book it will make your head spin.  The first 150 pages fly by as you uncover what the result was of the ending of Clash of Kings.  The next 200 pages are slower, but by no means slow.  And then the action picks up, and by the time you're half way in, it feels like a climax of a normal book.  The ACTUAL climax puts all other book climaxes to shame (including books in this series), and will probably surprise even your wildest imaginations!


The Verdict?

(out of 5)
This book is one of the greatest books I've ever read.  It was exciting almost the whole way through, and you get to go on the adventure with some of the greatest characters fantasy has to offer.  The plot twists keep you permanently on your toes, and the book's dark themes help to make a meaningful impact when you finish.

(Well, when you complete the third of 7 books that is.)

ALSO!  To those who are sick of watching this:

I was talking with a friend of mine, and he said that he wanted to read the books, but he had only watched the show.  If you have watched the first two seasons of the book, you'll be fine to start here!  The TV series does an incredible job sticking to the books, and you should have no/very few problems starting to read here.

(or you could go read this \/ :P)


(You guys, it's November, winter is really coming.  You're gonna want a nice book to read by the fire place, and I know a really good one you could choose...)

EDIT!!!!!!!  My Clash of Kings Book Review is now Spoiler Free!

Anddd.... Feast your eyes on my new book!  The cover may not be the greatest, but it Crows on you after a while...

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