Saturday, May 25, 2013

Home of the North Wind

At long last, I have decent internet!  Which means...


And blogging of course!

Around mid-April I set out to Skagway Alaska to begin working as an Alaskan Mountain Guide.  The trip from North Carolina to Juneau was pretty boring (and long), but the trip from Juneau to Skagway was BEAUTIFUL!

The runway (and yes, we were in a VERY small plane)

In the clouds..

Above the clouds...

And more glacier pics

Some islands...

And the mountains far away

So nice...

More awesome pics!

More glaciers!

And a quick little stop in Haines...

And away we went again...


My backyard

AND then the flight ended (50 pics later).  

I was then picked up by my boss, and drove to my new house!
This is "the nice room"

And after some settling in, our training began!

The training consisted of about 10 days of unpaid training, learning how to guide climbing and zip lining trips. 

Getting our gear

Apparently it's not usually this snowy in late April...

And using our gear!

And learning the safety talks...

Learning how to manage the rappel station

Zip Training!

Learning the Guide-Slide
(as opposed to having someone else stop you with a GOB stopper)

S'no way you'll ever see the site like this again
(but really, you won't.  It hasn't happened in like 7 years)

And some Emergency response training
(It was just like the WFR Scenarios aka AWESOME!)

And!  I also got to go out and check out Skagway a little bit...

View of Skagway from the Clocktower

My fellow hikers

More awesome views

And yes, Skagway is that small...

The view from the back of our house

Remember how it was weird how snowy it was...

Well that led to us doing trail work at our site

At long last, I finally got all checked off and got to start working!

Our customers

Having an awesome time!

And as it happens, I need glasses to drive...


And Skagway's town motto is "Home of the North Wind".  In case you were wondering...


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