Monday, April 22, 2013

There and Back Again

So after working through the craziness that was March, and then the stress that was Certification, it was finally time for...

Rest & Relaxation

And we'll begin with the end of the Ski School Season

And then some quality Lake Tahoe views!

Yes, you have seen something very similar to this picture before.
(This time summer actually stayed...)

My favorite peak
(the one in the middle)

My climbing therapy
(This little 20 second traverse helped to keep me sane.  And yes, I did just traverse the bottom)

And the Mountain!

Ridge Run!
(the one in the middle)

 Gotta love Spring conditions...

  Heavenly... (AHHHH)


Heavenly was actually really cool, as they gave all the employees a ride day!  The day after the mountain closed, we all got to go ride for about four hours, and enjoy a free lunch!
 Yes, those are actual Gummy Bears on her helmet


  The sad ride down...

And then I packed...

And then...

 Bye Tahoe!
(this was the best pic I could get in the cramped van, haha)

 And after plenty of plane rides...

 I got home!

And as my room was a MESS from all the junk I gathered in college, it was time to do some serious cleaning!
(Also, as I had no car, there wasn't much else to do...)

My helpful cleaning friend

Cleaning has its merits... 
 (found this gem in my closet - a jacket from when I was 14.  Little small, but pretty cool!)

And after I got done cleaning and packing, I did a little climbing (thanks to the fam lending me a car), and then we went on a family hike!

Hanging Rock, NC!

Setting out...

 Some sweet Falls


 And more falls...

And more walking... 

 And a fam pic!

The Trail!

And done!

And then I went home, did some last minute packing, and went to bed!

(And it's called there and back again because I was there (West) and back (East)


PS - I may extend this post a little bit, but I have no idea what my internet is going to look like up there, so I'm just doing this now while I can

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