Sunday, July 7, 2013

All Dialed

After 14 days of training, and about a month of working, I've finally come to the point where I feel like (more of) a pro (day) guide (!)

This is how nervous I get for trips now...

And my mind is this clear...

or maybe it's this clear...

(Aka one day at work I had an extra 5 minutes, so I snapped those views)

I even got out of the car...

Random Skagway Adventures
A pic on the way out to a fire

The views off the Skagway lookout
(aka my 'Oh shoot we have way too much time' driving pull out)

And just a random pic I took one morning...
The Dewey's covered by some clouds.

And we celebrated National Juggling Day!

And I took more random pictures...

Because how do you not take 1 million pictures of these mountains?


And I even had some fun at work!

My driver is a pretty cool dog.
I've been getting better at cooking.  
Cool thing is that this is fairly common now.  I take care of myself.

One of the really cool things I got to do recently was get eaten by tons of mosquitoes!

Aka Trail Work!
Crushin it.

This view is what we're building the trail for.

I work here.
um wut?

And some more random pictures...
The Ghost Ship!!!
(b/c fog)

Driving the Chilkoot Trip
Little known fact: Alaska Mountain Guides guides the Chilkoot

And if you're really lucky, you can get a cool driver...
The backpacks going out...

And then I drove home on this road
(This is also the road I do long runs on.  Definitely spoiled out here.)


As cool as the people I work with are, sometimes I do try to get away.

On a day hike...
Or overnight trips

Because places like this
Help me feel at peace

More on that trip can be found at this link:

And once I've had my peace, it's time to get rowdy!
Great day for getting after it!
And a great meal to finish the day with


And here are a few pics from my last epic day off:

Pancakes, hash browns, bacon, and eggs for breakfast!

And then...


Aka my favorite thing ever...

With some of my fav peeps!

Also, this is what Skagway does when it gets a thunderstorm:

Everyone goes out and checks it out!

And I'm working on a Return of the King book review, I'm reading Once a Runner now, and I'm basically just trying to have lots of fun in Skagway!


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