Monday, July 8, 2013

Upper Dewey Lake Trips

So in Skagway, AK there is this trail that goes up to here...

It's called Upper Dewey Lake, and it's gorgeous!

So one day when I had a day off, I went and did a little day hike up to Upper Dewey lake...

What would a Peyser post be without a trailhead?

Not a bad trail...
The views at lower lake
And the view of the river on the way in the beginning of Upper Trail
Not too shabby either...
Some nice views along the way to stay motivated
And a bridge!
(Which, it turns out, does not mean you are almost there...)

Another cool waterfall view

And after about 1 1/2 hours of walking uphill, I finally broke tree line and saw this beauty!
No Name Peak

Bridge picture!

And I made it!

Great view looking down the river...

In Alaska you really can't get the full picture with just a little picture.  Panorama's are the way to appreciate these awesome landscapes!

Click any of these for the full view
(this one is edited.  I'm new on the editing scene)
Click it! It's awesome!

And back to pictures!

Pyramid Peak
This guy!

And down I went...

Awesome backdoor stairs
And home...

So that hiking tour kind of turned into a scout mission.

Living with 40 other people that you work with every day can get old, even if you live with the coolest people in the world.  In order to maintain my sanity, I took a little Peyser-trip and spent the night in the great outdoors!

I thought maybe others WOOD like this...

"Taking pictures in Alaska is like cheating at photography"

Too true.

So insanely nice up there.

There were views like this everywhere

Love it...

Some cool alpine flowers


And this is where I spent the night.  Not too shabby...

Happy to be up there.

And then I cooked
(that's a jetboil down there)

And then I took more pictures!

I couldn't stop.

The perfectly reflecting lake didn't help my addiction...

This is where I work.

Yes, that is the lake...

That's the mountain.

And another alpine flower-mountain pic

And that was the first night...

After making dinner and walking around the lake, I started reading my book...


And wouldn't ya know it, I passed out.

And woke up to this.
Good morning Nature!

And good morning Nature to the right.

And then I was off to the Devil's Punchbowl!
Cya Upper!

I live down there.

Cool clouds and mountains
And a lone boulder... Looks like it wants to get climbed...
(It actually could make a decent little boulder problem...)

And the Devil's Punchbowl!

And more Panorama's!
View of Upper Lake and the Town on the right.

And then I headed back...

Mountains come straight out of the water

And ... do you feel that...

That weird...


If you don't look too hard, you could pretend this was Skagway before we got there.

And a nostalgic town pic...


Thank goodness...

And now back to other random pictures I took on the way down

You didn't think you were getting out of this without a final trail head, did you?


PS - I am going to start editing pictures from this point forward.  There are actually a few edits in this post as well.  

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