Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Climbing No Name Mountain

So I got a day off...

 So I decided to here...

Aka Upper Dewey Lake!

Living in Employee Housing is pretty fun, but on the days off, it's great to be able to get out and explore Skagway...

 So I bade the people ado.

And headed up for an adventure...

And yes, I am becoming a nature pic-geek

To Upper Lake

And thus begins the 2 hour hike straight up to Upper Dewey Lake.

I'm not complaining though.

Trail was alright that day...

Nothing too spectacular... 

It took me 30 minutes longer going up the hill because I just could not stop taking pictures...

The Hero!

Good Ol' No Name...

This pic was actually pretty rad.  I just put my camera down there, and without even looking, just took a rough shot to see if it was worth trying to get a better pic.  
 Funny thing was that this was by far the best one I got of it.


It was GOLDEN up there.  This picture doesn't quite do it justice...

Golden Mountain Top

Postcard Pic?

Awesome Sunset

Pic from Upper! 

Take ALL the Sunset pics!

But seriously...

 And upon waking up to perfect weather, I decided I kind of felt like hiking a mountain...

Perfect Day

And what's a morning without some nature pics?

View outside of my tent

And after eating breakfast, I HEADED UP!

Some cool ducks along the way 

Walking around the Lake

Some guys going flying!
No Name

First step was head up above this line.  Took the greenest/non-forested path to middle-left.

Then went far right to head up gradual way.

And then picked the grassy zig zag up the middle right

And headed straight up the middle... 


And then set my sights on getting up to the ridge line


And I made it!
 Some sweet pics from the top

And as usual, the pics don't come close to doing it justice.

(View from the other side of the Ridge)

Profile Pic!

You guys know what to do!  PANORAMAS! CLICK AWAY!
(Click them to see them full size) 

It was about at this point where things got looking really sketchy (as I had a backpack on), and I decided I should head back

So down I went...


Took some more pics on the way down

Path down 

 I did that!

And back to Skag-Town!

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