Thursday, October 3, 2013

So Long And Thanks For All The Cabbages

What's up Good People?!

So at Alaska Mountain Guides there's the main season where kids are out of school, and there's the shoulder season when kids are back in school.  The shoulder season is when Mountain Guides get these weird things called 'days off' (crazy idea I know).  What this means is that there was a lot more time for shenanigans!

The first of these Shenanigans involves 


And in this particular case it involves what's known as Lead Climbing (or Free Climbing).  Lead Climbing is where you bring protection with you, and place it on your way up.  That sounds fine and dandy, but the other side of the story is that if you lead incorrectly you can get seriously hurt.  Surprisingly enough, I didn't really feel rushing into it, so I've taken my sweet time learning how to do this wonderful activity. 

Looking down at 'The Flake' 

Fortunately, some of the wonderful 'time off' gave me the valuable opportunity to actually learn how to Free Climb!  Above is a picture of the first route I ever stitched up!

Kane leading The Flake

A view of my friend Kane getting his Free Climb on as well.  Extra shout out to this stud as he helped motivate me to actually get out there and climb!

Alaska is kinda nice... 

And this rugged looking fella lead a route of his own!

Tripp leading The Cave

And below is a picture from a different spot, featuring the one and only Robby
Robby following Pull-Out Crack

And what would a climbing trip be without some awesome views?!

(The answer, of course, is nothing)

Sawtooth Mountain Range


Switching gears a bit, we've got some beautiful fall pictures of Skagway!  

The White Pass and the Dewey's looking good!

Haart and Harding soaking in the Sun

And a Double Rainbow!  (second one is to the left)


A special set of events allowed me to road trip up the White Pass (to Canada, eh?).  Of course, I took plenty of pictures:

Special Feature! Alex looking his best! 



And what would a Chris Peyser blog post be without a random section of shenanigans? 

Tripp getting his Cabbage on

Brown Town Closed!

 Getting our drum circle on!

 Robby caught in the Ice-attempt

My humble abode


Little story here, on September 25th the last Cabbage Patch (aka Cruise Ship) left Skagway.  Naturally, we had to have some fun.

Tonight We Dine in Hell!

Tripp and Lauren did the necessary preparations:

Photo Evidence!

And then raided Skagway!

And thus it came to pass that the great land of Skagway was sacked


Sadly, all good things must come to an end...

The AMG Caravan rolling out

And 24 hours later, I took a plane to Juneau.  In Juneau, pretty much nothing happened, but on the day out I did get some awesome pictures!

Flyin Out!

Nothing plain to see here! AHHH, had to, sorry guys...

We made a little stop in Limbo too...

And then I took a ride on this cool looking plane to Montana!

Adventures from Montana are coming!


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