Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beehive Basin Hike

Before I begin, I just want to mention I'm going to begin doing something a little different.  In the past I've treated this blog as a series of random events in my life.  My goal from this point forward is to try to tie the posts together a LITTLE more.  

And on that note!

Following my departure from Alaska, I safely arrived in Big Sky, Montana for a CLIC conference.  I was there both for a wilderness medicine conference happening on the second day, and to visit my dad who was presenting at the conference.

(^and this is how I'm probably going to do it.  Just a little colored story of what's been up.)

Fortunately, when we weren't at the conference, we had time to check out the Beehive Basin Trail!

 A picture of a trailhead. Because Reasons!

There's a chance you might be thinking: "Do these pictures look... better than Chris' other pictures?"

If you were thinking that, you'd be right!  This is the first post where I started shooting with the Canon SX50! (aka better camera)

 Views weren't too shabby...

 The North Carolina CLIC (and hiking) Team!

Water and Mountains.  Can't go wrong... 

Lone Mountain looming in the distance 

 Love me some lookouts!

And then we continued hiking...

The views were surreal 

 Me and my Pops!

I couldn't get over how good the mountains looked...

Looking down the valley we hiked up 

And after about 3 miles of hiking, we arrived at the lake!

Or pond, but whatever
(Try clicking it, I dare you.  Actually, I double dare you!)

Normal picture...


And after taking it all in...

We took it in a little more...

And eventually...

We headed back down

And we saw this guy on the way down!

 Wildlife shot!

And thus concluded the adventure...

 And we met another hiker who joined us for the hike down!

And then we headed back to the hotel, ate some grub, and got ready for the Wilderness Medicine clinic the next day!  A (single) pic of that and another awesome hike are coming in the next post! Get stoked!


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