Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last GORP Trip - Pisgah Backpacking and Life Update

This weekend Connor, JJ, and myself got to lead a TWO night backpacking trip!  (My first time ever leading something longer than an overnight trip)  And!  WE GOT PERFECT REVIEWS!  And it was awesome.

Without further ado, pictures!

Day 1!  
Mission:  Get to trailhead, survive the only uphill section, and get the ONLY campsite
Pre-picture!  Before everyone gets gross (except it's only 2 nights, so it won't be that bad)

Fixing her backpack... Although to be honest, it was closer to a duffle bag

The group

Photocred to Connor, our group

Taking a break

Done going uphill!

Beautiful trees 


Acquired the ONE Campsite

Look at all those beautiful tents!

Group chillin
And FIRE!  Which actually may not have been allowed, but either way,  it was awesome!

Day 2
Mission:  Survive water crossings, and kill as much time as possible, as we basically have nothing to do 

Sexy toothbrushing face


I know guys, I could barrel-y believe it either.

So good.

Water crossings!

Fearless assistant Connor!


Another group shot! 

Water crossings, check!

Fall Colors

ANDDD onto the huge trail

Time to walk 3 by 3!


Group shot (again)

Awesome group shot (notice Connor's face in the back)

Love it

Another angle

And... 12:30, not bad... but still, what to do with the time?!


Go Creeking?! Hiker-style


The water is lava!  

Actually it was more like liquid nitrogen

The crossing

Cool shot

Different angle

T for Trail Life

The balancing log!

And... 2:30... still 4 hours until we can cook dinner

But you guys don't have to wait!  Dinner and (another naughty camp fire)


Glad I didn't get Fire-d for making this!

Day 3!
Misson:  Hike 1/4 mile to van, and get awesome reviews

Wakin up

POST SHOT!  See, we don't look that dirty...

JJ, Harry Potter style (with the fishing rod he found)

Anddd DONE!

And done-r! (also, we got PERFECT reviews!)
ANDD!!! Sadly, that is my last trip as a GORP trip leader.  I graduate in December, which means no more trip leading for me.  BUTTT I will continue to go on personal adventures (iA), so I'm not done playing outside!

Also I'm hoping that I can get some pictures while I'm snowboard instructing though!

And if you're curious, (you're not, but let's pretend you are)  I'm looking for jobs in Environmental Health now.  I just finished my application to AmeriCorps last night, and hopefully I'll hear from them soon.  Either way, I intend to keep updating my blog, so stay tuned!

And, you may actually be curious about my reading.  I haven't stopped reading!  I hope to finish up a Storm of Swords in the near future!

(^this was the life update part)