Saturday, April 6, 2013

Random Tahoe Adventures

My Scenic Walk to Work

I don't know if you guys knew this, but I walked to work almost every single day of this season.

This is why.  It's SUCH a nice walk.
(also I really like walking)

So something pretty cool happened when walking to work this week...

It looked like Spring!

First incredibly scenic spring day of the season

Naturally I took lots of Pics

And I even took one of a house, just because it looked awesome.

And thus ends the spring walk-to-work pics...
(also, for any of you who might be worrying about the daaangerous walk to work, 95% of my walk I don't pass a single car, and the parts where I do are very safe)

Because the next day I woke up to find that it had DUMPED!-(snow) (Which, considering it's April, is pretty surprising)

On my walk to work, the next day, I took two similar pictures to see the contrast...

And there I was thinking Spring had finally come...

Not yet at least...

The Tahoe Comps

At the end of the year, Heavenly suddenly got really popular!


Huge Competitions Started Happening
Like every day...


The Mogul-Freestyle Event!

Which is where people would do the moguls, then hit 30 foot jumps, then keep skiing moguls

And then...
 Skiing Big Air Contest!

And an Awesome Jump Contest!

Close up on jumps

Just a normal triple backflip move.

And the 65 foot Shaun White jump!
Which sadly is all I got of this one...
The Gunbarrel 25

A contest where people do this 25 times in one day!

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for...

Mountain Nature Pics!

Lake Tahoe with some cloud cover...

And this one was really special.  A thermal inversion occurred and left us with really hot weather above 7000 feet, and really cold and wet weather below 7000.  Super cool.
Photo Cred goes to Mike's iPhone.  (I was on the Gondola at the time with 7 Spanish speaking kids...)

And this is the view of one of the scenic trails.  Lake of Tahoe on the left and the trail on the left.

Awesome View!

Fresh Tracks! (aka I was the first person to snowboard this section)

Nothin Below!
And one more. 
Top of the Mountain Shot


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