Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Duel Cert

Before I even begin...

Thanks Pat!

The guy above cleared me to teach skiing midseason (which is unusual), and cleared me to take the Certification Exam this season.  Of course, he couldn't have done that if I wasn't at that level, but many other supervisors just told me to wait until next year, and without him I would have had to.

And now without further ado...


So you may recall that when I got certified as a Snowboarding Instructor I took a 3 day test.  For my Ski Certification, there was actually another option available called an 'In-House Certification'.  

For this process you go to a series of ski-improvement clinics, and at the end, you take a one-day ski test with an instructor from another mountain...

Pictures from said-clinics.
(In this one, the girl on the right is pretending to teach the other coaches like they are four year olds)

Yes, that is a half pipe...
(And no, that was not a requirement, Thank God!)

Gondola has an awesome Magic Carpet...
(Learning area)

And what would a test be without some homework...

More homework
(Progressions for how to teach certain ski lessons)

In order to get more experience teaching Ski Lessons, I transfered for 6 days to Gondola (another ski school) to teach more skiing.
(Cal Kids didn't need me as a ski coach, Gondola desperately needed more people)
(Gondola comes out of the building on the left)

And after much studying and preparation...

(Now, to be honest, the big day was really our practice exam.  As luck would have it, I took a lot of pictures that day, which is what you just got done looking through.  

On the day of our practice exam we had another instructor trainer come in and do a 'mock exam'.  Turns out it was the real exam, and thanks to our excellent skiing, we all got checked off!)

(Below are the pictures from our "Real Exam")

Our morning meeting location

Because who cares if it's April?  COLD WEATHER!

The weather eventually came to its senses though...

The real purpose of our "Exam" was to prepare us for the next stage of our skiing career.  We did have to do mini-lessons (5 minutes instead of the usual 15), but really it was meant to prepare us for Level 2 Ski Clinics (the next step).


Because I now have my Ski and Snowboarding Certification, I am now a Duel-Certified Instructor.  Shortened, that makes me a 


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